Friday, June 14, 2013



By Ridley Pearson

GENRE: Fiction, fantasy, Young Adult

Disney Hollywood Studios and Epcot are the two parks covered in this third book of the series. 

Wayne is missing and it is up to the Kingdom Keepers with the help of the two Fairlies to find him before it is too late.

Who is the mysterious lady all decked out in Disney gear that seems to be stalking Finn and the Fairlies? Is she good or evil?  Should they trust her?
Where is Maleficent? These questions and more are asked and answered in this third installment.
I found this book moves faster than the first two books with far more action and intrigue.  Of course the Overtakers are very prevalent in the book complete with new back-ups. 

I particularly liked the exploration of the now defunct Wondersof Life Pavillion .  This quiet Pavillion was one of my favorites of days gone by.  So I was thrilled that they not only included it in the plot but included it as no longer in use. 

The glimpses of the behind the scenes areas continue throughout this book.

Overall, as a dyed in the wool Walt Disney World fan,  I have been enjoying this series of books simply because of where they take place and all the behind the scenes action you get to know about.

The plots are the basic good versus evil stories, but the adventure is well written.

I also like the fact that the teens in the book don’t just skate through disobeying without consequences. 

I must say that unlike many sequels the stories of the Kingdom Keepers are improving with each additional book.  I would give this one a solid B+

Jan who will be Reading the Kingdom Keepers IV: Power Play soon in OK

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