Monday, May 27, 2013


“I think people need hope when times are tough. I think they also need escape and adventure and fantasy. Books are like cheap mini vacations.”
Michelle M. Pillow


By: Matt Wixon

Genre: Non-Fiction, Travel

Well I finally came across a book that I give an A for its genre.  I have to admit I picked this book up on a whim.  I periodically work on ideas for Summer Time Fun posts on my Mind Your Pennies Blog.  While I was in the library I decided to look this book over looking for ways to entertain children while they are out of school on summer vacation. After all most such books deal with traveling with children only.

I choose the Memorial Day Weekend to read this book and found so many ideas for my own family of three adults I soon found myself taking copious notes so I wouldn’t forget them.

Mr. Wixon writes as most of us speak, facts sprinkled generously with humor and some sarcasm.  Yes there is a lot about traveling with children, but there are also large sections on adult travel.

My family is not new to staycations, but we have never approached them in the manner that Mr Wixon suggests and I can see how his suggestions could make it feel so much more like a “real” vacation. Remember we are big Walt Disney World fans.

The book is broke down by the various types of vacations you would normally be interested in ranging from roughing it in the outdoors to deluxe spa treatments.  Each section has a multitude of web links to help you locate the perfect staycation for your entire family. 

I have already found far more possibilities for my family than I ever dreamed was available less than 100 miles from our home in just a few hours after completing the book.

If you have any reason you are not going on a vacation this year consider a staycation of any length from just a few hours to a full blown all out two week (or longer).

A great place to start in your staycation plans would be this book.

Jan who is glad she picked the book up on a whim in OK

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