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“To add a library to a house is to give that house a soul.”
Marcus Tullius Cicero


By: Ridley Pearson

Genre: Young Adult fiction, fantasy at Walt Disney World.

Imagine being a 14 year old teen model asked to be a DHI (Disney Holographic Image) to act as a tour guide for the Magic Kingdom at the “happiest place on earth”.  Then imagine something goes wrong with your computer program and you find yourself each night waking up as a hologram in the Magic Kingdom Park battling the Disney villains for control of the Magic Kingdom.  That was the premise of the first fast moving book.

In this second in the series the five teens find themselves battling for control of the Animal Kingdom, and maybe all the outside world as the evil witch, Maleficent from Snow White, escapes her captivity to try and team up with the most evil of all the Disney villains.

That is the very simplest of explanations of the plot of “Disney at Dawn”, but there are various sub plots and fairly fast moving action throughout the book.

This is not why I love this series so much though.  As an avid Walt Disney World fan I am intrigued by all the behind the scenes information about the park that is included in the book series.  

The first book,”Disney After Dark” (which I recommend you read first),  took you inside the castle to Walt’s private apartment, the apartment over the fire station and various other backstage production areas of the Magic Kingdom.  

In “Disney at Dawn” the back stage tours continue, in the Animal Kingdom park, complete with an explanation as to how the tigers are moved around in Maharajah Jungle Trek for the safety of all concerned. 

These back stage tours make me all the more anxious to get back to Walt Disney World and to check out all the areas that are listed to see what is fact and fiction in the public areas.

If you were a fan of such young adult books as “The Hardy Boys”, “Nancy Drew” and yes even good ole “Harry Potter” you will probably enjoy the Kingdom Keeper series, although the writing is not near as intense as Harry Potter, it does move quickly and keeps your interest. 

I give this series of books a good solid B in my rating system for light and quick reading.

Jan who will admit she is still a kid at heart and enjoys young adult fiction books for light entertainment in OK

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